Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ponies and Teddies for Babies

I haven’t made a lot of baby quilts. Until recently that is. I just finished a run of three. One for a friend in Virginia to present to her granddaughter, and two for another friend in California, who is a first time grandmother… to twins!

 The first one, depicting Grandma’s horses as Thelwell ponies. Butterflies and flowers keep the ponies occupied, while Grandma happily bounces on her pony. I love the abundant manes and tails of these ponies. The looks was achieved by “painting” with thread.

Applique Heath

This “fluffy” gray pony is my favourite I think. I love his expression!


A Happy Rider!

The second baby project involves Minkee teddy bears blowing bubbles.

Bubbles and Bears
Bubbles and Bears
I made these quilts as the exact opposite of each other.


Bears close up

                    Closer look at the bears:

Bear detail

And closer still, with the little bubble wand.

Bubbles detail

The “bubbles”. I got to play with my newest toy, an Olfa circle cutter. I’m loving this cutter! Perfect circles with no effort on my part and no trying to follow the lines of a drawn circle with scissors!

Bears and bubbles quilted detail

The quilting is also “bubbles”

I had a lot of fun designing and making these three quilts, and REALLY enjoyed playing with the circle cutter.  They’ve given me more ideas for baby quilts, which I just might try out even though there isn’t a particular baby in mind for them.

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