Friday, June 10, 2016

I really am no good at blogging...

I've posted (I think) two entries in three years! Pretty pathetic, but I have a good excuse. Life!
I got a longarm quilting machine in December 2013 and my days, some nights and most weekends have been devoted to Louise. Louise is a Gammill Classic Plus longarm machine on a 12 foot frame, and I love her to death!
I have a nice customer base already and my Facebook page is where you can see all the quilts I've quilted over the past 2 and 1/2 years. I don't get much sewing done anymore, I'm so busy with Louise. I still take time for my Quilts of Valour group and the women who join me every month keep me pretty busy too. They're a very prolific group of piecers and I have more tops in the queue to be quilted than I can possibly get done in a month or two, that's how prolific they are.

No blog post is complete without pictures so here are a few quilts that have been quilted on Louise in the past couple of weeks.
Custom Quilted for Brenda, a gift to Bethell House for their Fall fundraiser

The back!

Totally made from scraps by Susan. I love the colour in this quilt and how it creates a lovely rainbow

A Vintage top from Sondra that is to become a wedding gift this summer

The back!

Another view of the top to show the piecing instead of the texture created by the quilting.

Me and Louise working on a  customer quilt

My grandson Eachann and Rob, an Afghan Vet. Eachann knew just what to do when he met Rob at our QOV sewing bee. Picture credit goes to Alex Sher.

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  1. What gorgeous work! You and Louise make a great team and it's obvious by the beautiful quilting you accomplish together that you two are best friends. You must have very happy customers!